Cookies and privacy policy

When you use the EAI website, information about your visit is automatically logged. We use this information to improve your user experience and to show you advertisements on pages such as Facebook, Instagram, and Google. This information is stored as cookies.
EAI uses cookies sparingly and users can set their browsers to alert them to cookies or reject them. We use, for instance, temporary cookies while the user is visiting our website, which are then deleted as soon as the browser is closed.
We use cookies from third parties to measure the use of our website. These log aspects such as the time, search terms, what website the user came from, what browser is used as well as what operating system has been used. Such cookies have a predetermined lifetime and the user can easily delete them.
Web measurements of this nature are used to maintain and improve the web and to identify the material users are seeking.
Further information is not collected and we make every effort to avoid linking such information to other personally identifiable information.